All-Natural Ingredients for Healthy Pet Food

Healthy Pet Food

More and more pet owners are looking to give their pets food that contains natural and healthy ingredients. A recent study on what Millennials want from pet food shows they want pet food companies to be more transparent about ingredients used and how the food is made. When using all-natural ingredients there is nothing to hide and in fact, they are great when promoting a pet food.

Also, pet owners want the best for their animals, but reports show that they are still concerned about their budgets and are cost conscious. So, while new trends in pet food, such as a raw diet are gaining popularity, the majority of pet owners are looking for pet food that is healthy but cost effective.

Here are some reasons that Marshall's ingredients are a good addition to your pet food:

All-Natural Ingredients for Pet Food

• Our all-natural ingredients help to make your pet food product a healthier and sought after product.

• The high fiber in our ingredients is great for increasing fiber levels in pet food.

• In the making of our ingredients, we use the whole fruit, thereby reducing and even eliminating waste associated with the processing of the fruit or vegetable for use in pet food. When you use Marshall Ingredients, you are helping to promote sustainability in agriculture.

• We source our ingredients in North America, not overseas.

• Our ingredients are free of gluten and are therefore ideal for those making a gluten free product.

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