The Use of All-Natural Ingredients to Increase Fiber & Nutrition in Baked Goods

Natural fiber in baked goods

Consumers are increasingly looking for healthier food options for both themselves and their pets. This includes foods made with more natural and healthful ingredients. Dietary fiber is a key component to a healthier diet. In the past however, it's been difficult to add fiber to foods and maintain a good tasting food, particularly in baked goods, including cereals, breads, etc.

As advances in technology are made, more sources of dietary fiber are being discovered that allow for a tastier end product. Included in this is the use of natural co-products of fruits made from the pomace that comes from the juicing or processing of fruits. The use of this soluble fruit fiber in baked goods and other foods not only provides the benefit of additional fiber, but also acts as a natural sweetener.

Learn more about the use of fruit fiber in baked goods in, Recent Advancements in the Development of High-Fibre Baked Products from Trends in Food Science & Technology.

“Numerous studies exist which use fruit and vegetable fibres in bakery products, either supplied as commercial fibres or fibres derived from by-products of plant food processing…. Apple pomace has been attracting much attention from researchers due to its nutritive value and the possibilities of developing added value food products or extracting bioactive functional compounds have been researched recently. Apple pomace contains numerous phytochemicals in the form of simple sugars and natural antioxidants. Apple pomace is rich in dietary fibre." Read more...