Our Ingredients: Naturally Good & Good for You

At Marshall Ingredients, we are focused on the “whole use" of agricultural products. All our ingredients are naturally derived from co-products of the juice and food processing industries. With no additives or preservatives, our ingredients are ideal for including a healthy, all-natural component to your food products. Our apple, blueberry, cranberry, grape, plum, raspberry, blackberry, and cherry fibers are gluten free, high in fiber and add a natural sweetness to foods. Because they are all-natural, these food ingredients are versatile enough for both the human and animal food markets.

Plum Fiber as an all-natural ingredient

Natural Ingredients are In Demand

All Natural Ingredients

Foods made with all-natural ingredients are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and elsewhere. Demands made by consumers have encouraged food and drink companies to remove artificial ingredients in favor of natural alternatives. The ingredients of many well-known foods are being updated to feature more natural ingredients.

Consumers now more often consider the ingredients on food labels and whether a product uses natural ingredients. This is true for both human food as well as pet food. Our natural ingredients are a great substitute for modified food starches and artificial ingredients and an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients.

Customized to Your Ingredient Needs

Blueberry Fiber

Whether you are a bakery looking to include more all-natural ingredients in your baked goods, a healthy shake or smoothie manufacturer looking for a natural way to sweeten your product, or a pet food manufacturer interested in making a healthier pet food product, we can customize based on your needs. We will mill each ingredient to your specifications, blend multiple ingredients together, and even add whole fruits to reach a nutrition or flavor profile to meet your needs.

Marshall Ingredients' all-natural ingredients are an excellent way to make your food product healthier and more natural. To request a product sample, email or call 1-800-796-9353.