Marshall Ingredients is a quality food ingredients manufacturer and distributor, specializing in dried fruit and vegetable products such as dried apple fiber, dried blueberry fiber, dried cranberry fiber, and more. We have the capabilities to source and manufacture both human grade ingredients and ingredients for pet food. We are now OU Kosher certified.

With our rainbow of fruit and vegetable dried ingredients products you will be able to find the perfect solution for your needs. Not only are our all-natural dried ingredients great for adding fiber, they are also full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients. Your best choice for the finest dried natural fiber ingredients.

Featured Ingredients

Dried Apple Fiber as Food Ingredient

Apple Fiber

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Dried Blueberry Fiber as Food Ingredient

Blueberry Fiber

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Dried Cranberry Fiber as Food Ingredient

Cranberry Fiber

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Dried Grape Fiber as Food Ingredient

Grape Fiber

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Dried Plum Fiber as Food Ingredient

Plum Fiber

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